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Facilitated Stories & Benefits

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These Facilitated Stories™:

  • Break the stereotypes of the Dick-and-Jane images.
  • Build unique character creation and identification.
  • Unleash the imagination by providing a safe and supportive environment encouraging imagination, creativity, and self-expression. (There are no “wrong answers”.)
  • Engage parents or others in the creative process.
  • Allow the child to get tactile with reading and possibly develop a love for reading—or at least reduced fear.
  • Ease the transition from picture books to the next level, helping the child progress from a beginning reader to a skilled reader!
  • Introduce, build and reinforce values, skills and traits like:

    • Self-Esteem
    • Leadership
    • Language
    • Teamwork
    • Decision Making
    • Communication
    • Imagination
    • Problem Solving
    • Critical Thinking

Excellent for:

  • Home-schooling
  • Tutoring programs
  • Babysitters,
  • Grandparents,
  • Bringing Art back to the classroom
  • Travel
  • & more!

Complies With & Supports Many Education Standards

Utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy (also called the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives), Betina’s & Bailey’s Adventures support and comply with these development categories:

  • Reading for Perspective – Developing Research Skills
  • Understanding the Human Experience – Multicultural Understanding
  • Communication Skills – Applying Non-English Perspective
  • Communication Strategies – Participating in Society
  • Evaluating Data – Applying Language Skills

and these education standards:

  • The 12 Standards for English Language Arts defined by the IRA/NCTE (International Reading Association/National Council of Teachers of English)
  • Each U.S. states standards for Language Arts (at the time of printing)

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Buy a Book & Help Others:
A portion of all sales is donated to various charitable organizations.

Educational & Fun

Betina's & Bailey's Adventures:

  • Meet Grade 2-3 Language Arts Requirements in all 50 States!
  • Are perfect for homeschooling, tutoring, baby sitting, and traveling
  • Bring art back to the classroom.

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