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Product Information

  • Sell Sheet ***NEW***    [2-page PDF]
  • Brief Overview    [2-page PDF]
  • Product Photos, Description & Specifications    [4-page PDF]
  • Full Document    [PDF]
    • Concept Summary: Same Story. Two Characters. Tons of Possibilities    [PDF]
    • Objectives    [PDF]
    • Other Benefits/Good Stuff    [PDF]
    • Examples of Use    [PDF]


Newsletter Archive

  • August 2010
    LeBron, Miss B's 1st Grade Class (Part 3: What's in the Basement?), Education Bug
  • July 2010
    Need a Speaker? & Miss B's 1st Grade Class (Part 2: What's in the Attic?)
  • June 2010
    Miss B's 1st Grade Class (Part 1: Who is Bailey?)
  • May 2010
    Educational Workshops & More Budding Artists
  • March/April 2010
    Kick-off Newsletter & Introducing BaBA---no not a sheep, Betina's & Bailey's Adventures, Our First Featured Artist: Braden


Press Releases

  • It's a FunShop at Body Options Santa Cruz (03-Dec-2009)    [PDF]
  • Introducing Betina's & Bailey's Adventures (31-Oct-2009)    [PDF]


Other Items

  • Coloring Book Pages for Adventures Under the Stairs    [PDF]

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A portion of all sales is donated to various charitable organizations.

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Betina's & Bailey's Adventures:

  • Meet Grade 2-3 Language Arts Requirements in all 50 States!
  • Are perfect for homeschooling, tutoring, baby sitting, and traveling
  • Bring art back to the classroom.

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