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How to Use These Books

  • The story’s format is designed to act as a spring board for imagination, conversation, and interaction.
  • Encourage fanciful and fantastic descriptions.
  • Engage in the exchange of ideas by sharing your own thoughts, ideas, images, or past experiences. See where the conversation goes.
  • Encourage the child/ren to draw pictures, verbalize images, or both. Create multi-media images by:
    • Cutting out pictures from magazines
    • Using family photos and drawing around them
    • Performing the story as a play
  • Pick one of the topics in the story and explore it further. The options are abundant!
  • Don’t worry if you don’t finish the adventure in one sitting. Finish it another day. Often the best adventures take time to complete.

Teaching Points

Here are some of the high-level messages and lessons you can highlight and reinforce.

  • Baseline Messages (common to all stories in the series)
    • Let your imagination go. Fantastic images are encouraged. Have fun!
    • If you can dream it, you can do it.
    • There are no wrong answers. This is your book. Your thoughts, images, and ideas are right.
    • If you notice a typographical or grammatical error, use it as a teaching opportunity.

      Besides correcting the mistake, you can reinforce other values: patience, forgiveness, understanding, and flexibility. Simple mistakes happen. Apologies, in advance.

  • Story-specific Messages
    • Take charge of your day.
    • Be responsible for your actions.
    • Make your own fun.
    • Fun comes in many forms, often in simple pleasures.
    • Clean up after yourself. Put things back as you found them.
    • Practice good sportsmanship. Play fair and try your best.
    • Help at home, especially when asked.

Examples of Use

Kindergarten-Grade 1

  • Stimulate & Encourage Imagination, Conversation & Social Interaction Skills
    Use pictures, puppets or other visual aids to supplement the story. Engage the children by asking leading questions to create dialog and stimulate the imagination.

Grades 2-3

  • Team-based Collaborative Project
    Divide the class into small groups and instruct the children to work as team. As a team, they decide how to illustrate the book in the specified time.
  • Reward / Incentive Program
    After the required assignments are completed as specified, the student can then work on this creative project.
  • Teaching English as a Second Language / Learning Another Language
    Helpful in bi-lingual education or with families where English is not the primary language.
  • Extended Research of the Topics
    Delve into the story’s images or the activities listed in The Companion Guide.

Grades 4, 5, 6

  • Service / Mentoring Project
    Illustrate and give the books to children at lower grades, children in hospitals, relief agencies, or other groups.

Grades 7-8

  • Service / Mentoring Project
    Partner with a student from Grade 2 or 3 to foster a big brother/sister-type relationship.

Babysitters, Day Care Workers, Tutors, Family Therapy or Counseling Sessions

  • Social & Learning Activity (Individual or Group)
    Helps improve reading comprehension, visual imagery, imagination, communication, and social interaction skills.

Children with Special Needs & the Elderly

  • Developmental Activity (Individual or Group)
    Helps improve communication, interpersonal, and social skills.

Highlight Channel Background
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Betina's & Bailey's Adventures:

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